40 Free Newspaper Texture Collection

Today, there is a cool addition of newspaper texture collection in our free design resources. We have hand-picked old and vintage newspaper textures that will really be helpful in your design projects.

Let have a look and you may be interested in our other articles on Cool Fonts, Grunge Background Designs, Bokeh Textures and Tattoo Fonts.

1. Texture03 Newspaper

1_Texture03 Newspaper

Texture03 Newspaper

2. Newspaper Texture

2_Newspaper Texture

Newspaper Texture

3. Old Newspaper Texture

3_Old Newspaper Texture

Old Newspaper Texture

4. Old Newsprint Background

4_Old Newsprint Background

Old Newsprint Background

5. Texture - Vintage Newspaper

5_Texture - Vintage Newspaper

Texture - Vintage Newspaper

6. Newspaper Texture

6_Newspaper Texture

Newspaper Texture

7. Newspaper



8. Old Newspaper Texture

8_Old Newspaper Texture

Old Newspaper Texture

9. Newspaper Texture, Texture Papier Journal

9_Newspaper Texture, Texture Papier Journal

Newspaper Texture, Texture Papier Journal

10. Headline May 1869

10_Headline May 1869

Headline May 1869

11. Old Newspaper Paper Textures

11_Old Newspaper Paper Textures

Old Newspaper Paper Textures

12. Old Newspapers

12_Old Newspapers

Old Newspapers

13. Denerim Times - Elf Mage Scandal

13_Denerim Times - Elf Mage Scandal

Denerim Times - Elf Mage Scandal

14. Old Newspaper

14_Old Newspaper

Old Newspaper

15. Newspaper



16. Headline June 1914

16_Headline June 1914

Headline June 1914

17. Newspaper Texture

17_Newspaper Texture

Newspaper Texture

18. Surrender



19. 1943 Newspaper Stock

19_1943 Newspaper Stock

1943 Newspaper Stock

20. Newspaper Texture Pack

20_Newspaper Texture Pack

Newspaper Texture Pack

21. Before The Great World War

21_Before The Great World War

Before The Great World War

22. Vintage Movie Ads

22_Vintage Movie Ads

Vintage Movie Ads

23. Floorboards



24. Periodico Viejo

24_Periodico Viejo

Periodico Viejo

25. Manitoba Free Press

25_Manitoba Free Press

Manitoba Free Press

26. Texture XII Newspaper

26_Texture XII Newspaper

Texture XII Newspaper

27. Headline June 1941

27_Headline June 1941

Headline June 1941

28. Japanese Newspaper

28_Japanese Newspaper

Japanese Newspaper

29. Newspaper Textures

29_Newspaper Textures

Newspaper Textures

30. Texture Newspaper

30_Texture Newspaper

Texture Newspaper

31. 4000x2500 Newspaper

31_4000x2500 Newspaper

4000x2500 Newspaper

32. Ring Stolen

32_Ring Stolen

Ring Stolen

33. Wet Newspaper

33_Wet Newspaper

Wet Newspaper

34. Shredded Newspaper

34_Shredded Newspaper

Shredded Newspaper

35. Century Old Hingham Newspape

35_Century Old Hingham Newspape

Century Old Hingham Newspape

36. Old Soviet Newspaper

36_Old Soviet Newspaper

Old Soviet Newspaper

37. Old News II

37_Old News II

Old News II

38. Old News

38_Old News

Old News

39. Vintage News Ad Brushes

39_Vintage News Ad Brushes

Vintage News Ad Brushes

40. Newspaper



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