30 Free Bokeh Textures For Designers

Textures are great helpers for web and graphic designers to enhance their designs. Whether you design a website or a graphic art, textures can give a great effect and depth.

Bokeh Effect is currently making its way to web designing today. Its fuzzy feeling has one way or another caught the attention of many designers from the past few years extending up to today.

Today, we share to you 30 Free Bokeh Textures for Designers. This is a compilation that can be helpful depending on how you want to use it and up to where your creativity will bring you.

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1. Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

1_Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

2. Raining Light Bokeh Pack

2_Raining Light Bokeh Pack

Raining Light Bokeh Pack

3. Hearts Bokeh Free Texture

3_Hearts Bokeh Free Texture

Hearts Bokeh Free Texture

4. Texture 003

4_Texture 003

Texture 003

5. Webtreats Tileable Grungy Bokeh Textures

5_Webtreats Tileable Grungy Bokeh Textures

Webtreats Tileable Grungy Bokeh Textures

6. High Resolution Bokeh Texture

6_High Resolution Bokeh Texture

High Resolution Bokeh Texture

7. Bokeh - The Sound Of Lights

7_Bokeh - The Sound Of Lights

Bokeh - The Sound Of Lights

8. Bokeh Texture

8_Bokeh Texture

Bokeh Texture

9. Free Pastel Bokeh Texture For Layers

9_Free Pastel Bokeh Texture For Layers

Free Pastel Bokeh Texture For Layers

10. Bokeh Collection

10_Bokeh Collection

Bokeh Collection

11. Texture



12. Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

12_Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

Crazy Firework Bokeh Stock

13. Fairytale Bokeh

13_Fairytale Bokeh

Fairytale Bokeh

14. Bokeh play

14_Bokeh play

Bokeh play

15. Raindrops Bokeh Texture

15_Raindrops Bokeh Texture

Raindrops Bokeh Texture

16. Bokeh Texture Pack 001

16_Bokeh Texture Pack 001

Bokeh Texture Pack 001

17. Pink Bokeh Texture

17_Pink Bokeh Texture

Pink Bokeh Texture

18. Bokeh Abstract

18_Bokeh Abstract

Bokeh Abstract

19. Cherry Blossom Sunlight

19_Cherry Blossom Sunlight

Cherry Blossom Sunlight

20. Bokeh Texture

20_Bokeh Texture

Bokeh Texture

21. Bokeh Stock Texture

21_Bokeh Stock Texture

Bokeh Stock Texture

22. Pink and Silver Bokeh Pack

22_Pink and Silver Bokeh Pack

Pink and Silver Bokeh Pack

23. Bokeh texture III

23_Bokeh texture III

Bokeh texture III

24. Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

24_Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack

25. Large Orange Bokeh 001

25_Large Orange Bokeh 001

Large Orange Bokeh 001

26. Pollywaffle Bokeh Textures

26_Pollywaffle Bokeh Textures

Pollywaffle Bokeh Textures

27. Use Of Color

27_Use Of Color

Use Of Color

28. Grungy Bokeh Pack

28_Grungy Bokeh Pack

Grungy Bokeh Pack

29. Rainbow Fiesta Bokeh

29_Rainbow Fiesta Bokeh

Rainbow Fiesta Bokeh

30. Bokeh Pack 3

30_Bokeh Pack 3

Bokeh Pack 3


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