60 Free Cool Fonts

Typography is a very important element of design projects and it can’t be accomplished without the help of cool fonts. Designers remain in quest for unique, creative and cool fonts to stand out their projects of wonderful web design, printing brochures and business cards, creative typography in poster designs and delivering beautiful logos to their clients. We have researched 60 free cool fonts to spice up your design creativity.

Let have a look and download this wonderful collection of fonts, and you may also be interested in our other articles on 3D Websites, Paper Art, Pokemon Art and Grunge Background Designs.

1. Sansation



2. Walkway Typeface

2_Walkway Typeface

Walkway Typeface

3. Four Free Type!

3_Four Free Type!

Four Free Type!

4. AGE Free Font

4_AGE Free Font

AGE Free Font

5. Nobile Font

5_Nobile Font

Nobile Font

6. Jura



7. Hero Free Font

7_Hero Free Font

Hero Free Font

8. Fat Vodka Font

8_Fat Vodka Font

Fat Vodka Font

9. Guayule



10. Say It Fat

10_Say It Fat

Say It Fat

11. Fungal Rounded

11_Fungal Rounded

Fungal Rounded

12. Cappuccino Serif Font 0.563

12_Cappuccino Serif Font 0.563

Cappuccino Serif Font 0.563

13. Ubuntu



14. Clean



15. Pinstripe Limo - Updated

15_Pinstripe Limo - Updated

Pinstripe Limo - Updated

16. Nadia Serif Typeface

16_Nadia Serif Typeface

Nadia Serif Typeface

17. Modeno Font

17_Modeno Font

Modeno Font

18. Junction Typeface

18_Junction Typeface

Junction Typeface

19. Font Eordeoghlakat

19_Font Eordeoghlakat

Font Eordeoghlakat

20. Irvine High

20_Irvine High

Irvine High

21. Muse Free

21_Muse Free

Muse Free

22. Per4m



23. Practique



24. Kilogram



25. Raleway



26. Sketchetik Free

26_Sketchetik Free

Sketchetik Free

27. Alt Tiwo Typeface

27_Alt Tiwo Typeface

Alt Tiwo Typeface

28. Now Grotesk Typeface

28_Now Grotesk Typeface

Now Grotesk Typeface

29. Free Font Arvo

29_Free Font Arvo

Free Font Arvo

30. Denne Shuffle

30_Denne Shuffle

Denne Shuffle

31. Lato



32. CartoGothic Std Typeface

32_CartoGothic Std Typeface

CartoGothic Std Typeface

33. Rezland Typeface

33_Rezland Typeface

Rezland Typeface

34. Often Typeface

34_Often Typeface

Often Typeface

35. Contra Typeface

35_Contra Typeface

Contra Typeface

36. Toeris



37. Baurete



38. Alpha 63

38_Alpha 63

Alpha 63

39. Circles - A Truetype Font

39_Circles - A Truetype Font

Circles - A Truetype Font

40. Flow Motion

40_Flow Motion

Flow Motion

41. CR21 Modern

41_CR21 Modern

CR21 Modern

42. Deibi v1.0 - Free Font

42_Deibi v1.0 - Free Font

Deibi v1.0 - Free Font

43. Alt Retro Typeface

43_Alt Retro Typeface

Alt Retro Typeface

44. Alt Matey Typeface

44_Alt Matey Typeface

Alt Matey Typeface

45. Base



46. Gembira Font Byweknow

46_Gembira Font Byweknow

Gembira Font Byweknow

47. Vador Free Font

47_Vador Free Font

Vador Free Font

48. Null Free Font

48_Null Free Font

Null Free Font

49. Dezen Pro

49_Dezen Pro

Dezen Pro

50. Color Lines - Free Font

50_Color Lines - Free Font

Color Lines - Free Font

51. Nilland Typeface

51_Nilland Typeface

Nilland Typeface

52. QuickSand Typeface

52_QuickSand Typeface

QuickSand Typeface

53. Mentone Typeface

53_Mentone Typeface

Mentone Typeface

54. Paranoid A Free Font Project

54_Paranoid A Free Font Project

Paranoid A Free Font Project

55. Sertig - Free Font

55_Sertig - Free Font

Sertig - Free Font

56. Roke 1984

56_Roke 1984

Roke 1984

57. Copse



58. Code Free Font

58_Code Free Font

Code Free Font

59. Solgas Font Byweknow

59_Solgas Font Byweknow

Solgas Font Byweknow

60. AeroFrog Font

60_AeroFrog Font

AeroFrog Font

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