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Photography as an Art Form

Photography is a form of art. Everyone can take a photograph in these days of digital photography. It is not a matter of waiting to get a film developed to see whether you have captured the shot you want. Did you get the image in the centre of the picture? Have you cut off a Continue Reading

Why you Must Try Clashot on your iOS?

Instagram and other similar apps have made an amateur photographer to look professional. Professional touch is just fingertips away from you. Perhaps, this is the reason why you see Facebook going ahead and acquiring this giant. The inbuilt filters and effects make it very easy for even a wannabe photographer to give the images a Continue Reading

20 Most Graceful Jellyfish Photography

Jellyfish are strange animals, beautiful and fascinating! Jellyfish have a surreal type of beauty, but they’re not the easiest creatures to photograph. You must either swim among them underwater or through crowds of kids at an aquarium. Although they seem soft and harmless, have no mistake, their tentacles are not that pleasant to watch. In Continue Reading

50 Astonishing Images Of India

India is a beautiful country where civilizations meet and colors fulfill the life with joy, happiness, emotions and love. Peoples of different ethnicity and religion live together – they love each other by sharing their customs, traditions and prayers. Today, we are going to share some beautiful Images of India representing the culture, places, traditions Continue Reading

20 Strange Pictures

Creative and Unusual ideas end up in the outcome of interesting, hilarious and weird creations. You will see amazing and unbelievable ideas here which are resulted in these really strange pictures. Let have a look and you may be interested in our other articles on Fire Curtains, Force Wind Portraits, Creative Billboards and Stone Footprints.

Fire Curtains by Tom Lacoste

Tom Lacoste is a creative photographer from Bordeaux, France. Fire is the most amazing matter I know, because of its kind of free will. Its magmas and textures take shape so fast that only your shutter can freeze them. You cannot imagine when you press the trigger the world your about to capture on your Continue Reading

Mirrors by Neil Krug

This post consists of beautiful images that are titled “Mirrors” by Photographer Neil Krug. He is an artist based in Los Angeles known for having photographed and art directed campaigns.